Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Singapore Censorship

LOL. This is so funny. Click on the photo.

I need a good laugh.  Just had an irritating conversation with a bank staff.

It was over a bank cheque for my  late father. The bank staff refused to bank it.

(Since its the Hungry Ghost festival, I ought to have told her I'd refer it to my dead dad so that he can PERSONALLY sort it out with her).

Anyhow every so often we receive a dividend cheque for dad. He's died ten years ago and mum closed their joint bank account - so there's no way we can cash the cheque.

However, we have been able to bank in the cheques in my mom's account because she took my dad's name as her married name. Hence Mr XYZ, Mrs XYZ.

But the bank staff got "clever" and rang me up, asking to speak to my dad, when I told her he was dead- she actually went "AHA!!!! (with a "gotcha" laugh) then said in a giggling voice, "Sorry lah cannot bank the cheque leh. This cheque hor for your father not your mother, k?"

If she was standing next to me, I'd strangle her for sure.

I had to take 1 hour of breathing and relaxing to get that damn conversation out of my mind and cool down.

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