Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Afternoon Ghost tour of the British WW2 High Command Bunker

Start:     Sep 29, '07 12:00p
End:     Sep 30, '07 6:00p
The API group will be having a tour of the British High Command war bunker at Fort Canning.

Think of Saddam Hussein meets Miss Marple that sort of thing.

Its a big underground concrete complex built into the hill. Its the place where the British Generals decided to surrender to the Japanese in 1942. Its also the historical burial site for the ancient Malay kings and the site for various forts built by the Malays, Portuguese, and finally the British.

And its right in the centre of town. Amazing huh?

Most likely - the tour will take place throughout the afternoon in several shifts- so don't worry if you come "late" - after midday.

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