Tuesday, September 11, 2007

School Counsellor supports Padeophille - and says he's really a good guy, honest!

Get your head around this one. The school counsellor goes to court and gives support to a padeophille and claims that he really really "cared" for them. No wonder some schools in Australia are totally screwed up.

Herald Sun: Geoff Wilkinson

September 10, 2007 12:00am

A SCHOOL counsellor employed by the Government to help teenage girls has supported a pedophile in court, describing Gary Faux as caring and loving to his victims.

Heatherhill Secondary College student welfare co-ordinator Robyn Hughes appeared in the County Court on behalf of Faux, who admitted sexually abusing two schoolgirls.

"He cared about them and he loved them," Ms Hughes said during a pre-sentence plea hearing before Judge Jeanette Morrish.

Ms Hughes, who also sits on the Heatherhill school council, is a friend of Faux and told the court she was not concerned he may have been manipulating the girls.

You can read the rest of the bizarre story here if you want to:


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