Monday, September 24, 2007

Do Women Love Bad Men?

Do women love bad men? asks Andrea Burns... hmm...

I don't think that's true. The women that I know tend to be more pragmatic and look for men who are solid - you know dependable, reliable, great providers, rational, and perhaps romantic and witty. Maybe its just a culture thing.

Anyhow read the article:,21985,22309084-5012948,00.html

I roll my eyes in disbelief and disgust at this one:

"Women can't seem to resist a guy who doesn't appear interested in them or who needs saving. He has long used the method of failing to return phone calls and a tortured mystery man routine to rope in likely lasses -- and says it works nine times out of 10. Maybe the urge to mother a lost sheep is innate in women? And if he combines the right amount of restrained tenderness and vulnerability with the spice of reluctance, he has a recipe for total control. Andrea"


Jason Mullinder said...

Too much emphasis gets put on 'playing the game' in matters of the genders and in most of life, there are exceptions in abundance but generally it seems many do not not want virtue or integrity.

Kathleen Ang said...

let me put before you the other side of the coin: try asking a few girls (especially L*E), what kind of man they want. They will most likely say "a godly man". Almost like asking them how they are and getting an answer such as "fine, thank you".

Anyway, speaking as a female, I'm not interested in bad boys, but I'm just as disinterested in boring boys!

Althea Wong said...

erm... i'm the opposite. i'm a firm believer of playing hard to get to keep the boy interested. :P

Jason Mullinder said...

It seems the article was talking about guys using a gimick of some kind, as for asking girls what they like as you said... And I had at least one girl @ L*E tell me to ask talk to guys.
And what about the issue of what guys want also?
I had a chat on these matters with some friends, funny how the guys wanted to know from guys what to do but the girl at the table was relieved to hear a guy thinking it worthwhile getting a girls opinion.
The game goes on, even to the point of debating to play or not to play...