Monday, September 10, 2007

School Counsellor supports Pedeophile - says he's really a good guy, honest!

Get your head around this one. The school counsellor who is also the Assistant-Principal goes to court and gives support to a padeophille and claims that he really really "cared" for them. WTF is wrong with these people???

Herald Sun: Geoff Wilkinson

September 10, 2007 12:00am

A SCHOOL counsellor employed by the Government to help teenage girls has supported a pedophile in court, describing Gary Faux as caring and loving to his victims.

Heatherhill Secondary College student welfare co-ordinator Robyn Hughes appeared in the County Court on behalf of Faux, who admitted sexually abusing two schoolgirls.

"He cared about them and he loved them," Ms Hughes said during a pre-sentence plea hearing before Judge Jeanette Morrish.

Ms Hughes, who also sits on the Heatherhill school council, is a friend of Faux and told the court she was not concerned he may have been manipulating the girls.

Ms Hughes told Judge Morrish that dealing with young people's problems was her specific role at Heatherhill Secondary College, where she was acting assistant principal when she gave evidence.

"He shared things about himself with the girls, personal things about himself that he wouldn't share with anyone he didn't care about," she said.

Ms Hughes told the court she thought Faux believed he was "having an equal relationship with the girls".

"I didn't think he felt he was in a position of power in that relationship. I think he cared for them as any relationship does," she said.

(What BS.)

You can read the rest of the bizarre story here if you want to:,21985,22390392-661,00.html


Jason Mullinder said...

Why did she even bother turning up at court, those comments do not even affect the case and just ruined her own career. Almost sounds like she knew at the time, it is possible that circumstances... but it still doesn't change any of the facts here and the photo's video's etc suggest possibly some kind of network which will probably not be investigated, even if that is not the case it sounds like the 'relationships' we're purely sexual and she has shown incompetency in not seeing fault in his behavior when you see what it led to.

Yauming YMC said...

Yeah with counselors like her in charge - is it any wonder that our school systems are a bit wacked? Maybe its just reflective of the general moral decline in our society.

Jason Mullinder said...

Had a chat with a friend about this article, she had a different view derived from knowing herself and friends at 15 years old, goes back to the moral decline issue even if my friend did see another angle.

Yauming YMC said...

I'm sure Pol Pot's mother or cousin would have a few good words to say about him. But it starts to get real sad when big blocks of the community reckon "its not a big deal".

Jason Mullinder said...

True. Wider issue of the social context.
What was going on in this guys head to get involved in this way with girls under his care?
Why are ones we consider children taking cigarettes, alcohol, CD's in exchange for sexual favours?
It is becoming rare to find a 15 year in Australia still a virgin, the values instilled on these girls left them willing to take his 'gifts'. Parents are turning a blind eye to what their children are being opened/exposed to. A boy the same age it is not questioned when he offers booze etc for sex but it happens. This is not condoning the teachers actions, just questioning the values instilled in children taught before high school about sex and the idea that a dollar or barter value can be applied to it allowing incidents like this to happen.

Yauming YMC said...

I think it started with the 1950s and 1960s, Rock and Roll era where moderation was thrown out the window - and rebellion, drugs was king. All the left wing groups - hippies - when they grew up became union leaders, ALP politicians, teachers, judges, journalists. Once they got control of the media and the govt, they can easily push through their agendas. Its not too late to change- in 17th century England - a large portion of the population were alcoholics - and the govt was active in the slave and opium trade. A Christian movement helped to reform that. Maybe the Pentecostal churches can do something about societal reform - once they get their act together.

Kathleen Ang said...

I hope the church can do somethng too...after they are done with the molehills they consider mountains!!!!!

Anyway, Jason has a good point about family values being missing from the upbringing of many children nowadays. And it's true that many morons are given high, important positions nowadays because people think it is important to be "fair" and give huge responsibilities to wise people and utter morons alike rather than finding people who really care about people under their responsibilities - like the judge in the aboriginal case.

I question if being "fair" is being "right".

Yauming YMC said...

Calling those people "morons" is actually an insult to mentally handicap people - at least they have a valid excuse for not thinking clearly. The people in charge of govts. and legal sides, are ideologically motivated to put forward their agendas. They ignore clear thinking and sensible pragmatic thought - and supported communism, anarchy, socialism and other utopia ideas which sound good in theory is totally flawed in the real world. That they can still hold into such ideals- show how warped their thinking is. I blame it on the excesses of the 60s and 70s when a large section of the "thinking" population got hooked onto illicit drugs like marijuana and cocaine which screwed up their brains. Look at how China descended in the 18th and 19th century when over half of its population was addicted to cheap opium.

Shirley Matsuda said...

sounds like "V for Vendetta" scenario :P