Saturday, September 15, 2007

Morons in the Law System

A judge magistrate in Victoria ordered a 20 month year old Aboriginal boy to be sent to his Uncle - who had a violent criminal record. Why? Because he wanted the kid to be "with his own people". Culture sensitivities and all that. Well, fair enough. But the Uncle had a violent criminal record you moron. Less than a month later, he nearly beat the little boy to death.

For once the social welfare officers were on the ball on this one and opposed this adoption. However the magistrate was "scathing... at what he perceived was a lack of cultural awareness and flouting of legislation aimed at working with indigenous children, families and their children".

What a utter moron. Wait, even morons can render better judgement - this judge ought to get a good head kicking - nothing to worry about since he doesn't have a brain.

Special blame has to be laid with the Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency, who supported this travesty.

"VACCA was supportive of the children being placed with their uncle on the basis of their cultural identity..."

There you go again - being close to your own culture is better than being with a sane normal family.

I remember my Sociology professor's comment that indigenous natives who went and learnt English and got a job outside their tribal settings - such a change was no better than murdering them with machine guns. Its such people who are in charge of the Aussie law systems now.

Its staggering how many insane people there are in the world. The worse are those who hold onto ideology as an article of faith- despite the clear evidence of utter failure - esp. communists  and socialists.

Really, these people ought to get fired from their jobs and sent to do something useful - like being speed bumps on the freeway.

Read the rest of the sad story here:,25197,22421222-5013404,00.html


Kathleen Ang said...

I agree! The world is full of funny and odd, un-common sense-like, oxymoronic thoughts. There's an interesting episode on Southpark on "Hate crime", which is an oxymoron, because anyone who commits a crime has no love in his heart at that moment anyway.

Yauming YMC said...

South Park also had a brilliant episode about NAMBLA - the North American Man Boy Love Association. Its not fictious btw.