Sunday, September 16, 2007

Atrium Lounge Party

Over one hundred people showed up for the party - I find it amazing how many people Steven knows. He could form his own club. Heck, with that much charisma he could be the next President.

Quite a fair bit of Singapore showed up. The usual suspects from Media Corp showed up. There was also an editor from a Wine and Food magazine. A judge. Members from the Education faculties. US Navy officers. HR and training personnel. Finance... etc..

Its a pleasant way to spend the Saturday evening - got to know a few people. I even met up with one of my cousins whom I've not seen in years. My family were just talking about her this afternoon. Only problem is - she didn't want to be "found". :) That's a bit sad- but some people just want to be disappear.

Parties. Names. My memory - being the horrible machine it is - made a disaster in remembering the names. It was like a blind librarian stacking books by throwing them into a black pit. Quite hopeless. I do remember the name of the cocktail waitress tho... her name was pinned onto her. And I was thirsty. That's my excuse! She had a pleasant laugh.

One problem with these sorts of parties is being stuck with one person - and being unable to politely disengage and walk away. There's only so much you can talk with a stranger before the conversation starts getting stale - and you start running out things to say.

I guess one way is to introduce them to someone else - listen intently for awhile - then walk away. Or just saying - hey, nice to meet with you... see you some other time... or the old "Hey, I'm getting a drink - do you want one?" walkaway.

I'm sure you can think of more appropriate things to say.

I try and not be rude because I've been on the receiving end a few times - and know it can be a shitty experience.

Its easy to become too self-conscious in these sort of things; more so if you are attempting to introduce yourself with a total stranger.

I guess that's why alcohol helps a lot - loosens people up. And causes them to forget the faux pas committed.

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