Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Would be Santa Claus gets jailed

Yet another example of how farcical the Australian Justice system is.

This monster raped a 11 year old girl several times back in the 1970s. The police caught him but he gave a false name and fled the State. Then nearly 30 years later he gets caught during a background check- he was applying to be a store Santa Claus and most likely going to get his kicks when the unsuspecting kids pose with the fcuker. What a @#$t.

The judge however reckons that he DOESN'T pose a risk to the community and sentences the "poor man" to a 3 year 6 month jail term. He's already spent nearly a year in detention which will count to his jail time.

Judge Burke said O'Brien was no longer a threat to the community, but his attack in 1977 would "revolt any decent person.''

Judge Bourke said some might see the sentence as light and that he was confined by the 1977 law, which held a maximum five-year jail term.

"no longer a threat"??? OH! I guess THAT WHY the child rapist sought to obtain a job as a store "santa clause"!!!

Its amazing that the judge didn't give him special credit for "trying" to do charitable work.

So despite the face that the maximum time is 5 years, our dear honorable decent judge doesn't give it out; he gives out only 3.5 years. Moreover he doesn't seem to take into account that the child rapist was a fugitive from justice since 1977.

You would think that "any decent person" would have considered all this and given the child rapist and former fugitive at least 5 years plus extra time from running away from the law. I think any decent person would. But not this judge.

Goddamn the Australian justice system totally sucks.

Read the shit story here

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