Saturday, December 16, 2006

A blissful eternal moment

I woke up early today to make a call to a friend whose living overseas. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to take my call.

So I sat around in my balcony and made some breakfast. I brewed some freshly grounded coffee. Took out some Malay jam tarts.

The air was cool and refreshing. I could hear the sound of a few birds singing. I had a pleasant view of the Istana gardens. And the radio was playing Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony.

It was sheer bliss.

It was just extraordinary. An eternal heavenly moment in time.

Hmmm... Beethoven's Pastoral. Everyone has to listen to it in a peaceful place at some stage of their life.


Oh yes, I discovered yesterday that eating "bak qua" (Chinese dried sweet meat) with a good bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon really works. (I found a 2002 Jacob Creek bottle at Colds). The two compliment each other. Hmm... fusion food.

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