Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Smoking weed makes you delusional... duh.

Is it any coincidence that with the rise of marijuna smoking, a large section of our society starts seeing things like UFO, space aliens, and other wacky conspiracy theories? For some reason, smoking weed really fcuks with your brain. Excessive consumption of alcohol also kills brain cells too, but doing pot throws the members of the skull club into the deep end of the loopy pool.

For example the Australian Green Party is constantly advocating legalizing marijuna for public consumption. And check out its policies - total daft stuff that would ruin the nation. The Greens want to increase tax rates, let in more illegal immigrants, increase the dole, shut down the mining industry, and eventually force everyone to ride on bicycles and public transport.

You know what will happen of course. Such policies will only encourage a massive wave of illegal immigrants, encourage more people to just stay at home, smoke weed, stay on the dole, etc.. But the Greens don't see it that way- instead, they want to blame all their problems on the evil Multinational Corporations, and the conservative government. All their problems!

I used to encounter all these idiots when I was at Uni. You couldn't reason with them. At the country fairs, you'd see a group of the potheads under a rainbow flag, smoking weed, and they were invariably the most useless bunch of nutcases you could ever find.

Its actually legal to smoke weed in Australia. People are allowed to carry, I think, a small joint for personal consumption.

Once a group of my female friends were cooking some fried food, they had the door open, and this guy walked right in, smoking a joint, and demanded to "join the party" and was very insulted that "he wasn't invited". He lived next door and worked as a criminal lawyer. He talked total bullshit stuff with no logic or sense, and just refused to leave. The girls called Adrian over and he gently escorted him out of the place.

Anyhow, read the report here - Cannabis 'increases mental illness risk'

Don't tell me there's not a correlation between cannabis use and moronic ideas.

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