Thursday, December 21, 2006

Boy strangles teacher- walks free

A 16 year old Sydney school boy walked free after strangling his 24 year old female teacher. It seems he also bruised her "chest"- which I assume would mean he grabbed her breasts. She's in hospital.

But "Magistrate Paul Mulroney gave the sorry boy an 18-month suspended control order provided he undergo counselling.

Counselling???? Err... wait I forgot... who got assaulted again???

Mr Mulroney said he would not impose a custodial sentence due to the remorse shown by the boy." He said there was "no interest" in the boy being placed in custody.

"It clearly will not provide any lesson. It seems that many of the lessons he needs to learn have already been learnt," he said.

"There is considerable evidence that (the boy) feels very deep remorse for what he has done."

Oh boo hoo, he was sorry? And you believe him???? So what, the next time some kid tries to kill his teacher and fails- all he has to do is plaster lemon juice in his eyes and say "I'm sorry" repeatedly and will the Court counsellors and judges bleed their tender hearts for his pretty pretty ass?? Is that it???!!!

I wonder how the judge would feel if some young punk put him in hospital with a half broken larynx? Good grief, where in the world do they get these judges from- I think the munchkins from The Land of Wizard of Oz would hand out more appropriate decisions.

Next news item - NSW govt ponders poor teacher recruitment roadshow... Education Minister can't imagine why.

Read the rest of the story here in the Australian.

Frankly, they ought to cane the little bugger til he really cries; then, afterwards send him for counselling. But that would no doubt bring up a chorus line of civil libertarians, lawyers, and judges defending his human rights.

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