Thursday, December 14, 2006

Kids are so funny

I've got an adorable little nephew, he's 3.5 years old and he knows the solar system by heart. He can even discuss the differences of Saturn's and Neptune's moons.

My sister told me he did something really cute the other day. She read him a bedtime story from the old hamlyn story book about Santa claus leaving presents at children's beds while they slept. And she drew the theory,

"you must sleep in your own bed cos santa won't leave pressies for you cos he won't know there is a little boy living here..."

He likes to come to sleep in his parents' beds in the wee hours of the morning every night.

You know what his reply was? He said? "Hmmm in- teres- ting...." as if he was in deep thought!!

That night he came to their bed and my sis reminded him of the story... and he agreed to go back to his own bed.

Oooh!!! How adorable!!!

Then this morning, he pulled one of the black drawers out of the teak desk and she heard him whispering, "I'm sorry Jesus, I'm really sorry for pulling it out"

She never taught him to say that and neither did his grandmom!

He may have picked it up from me though, as I mouth out words of religious veneration on an occasional basis when I babysat him.

Later, she asked her three and half year old child again, and he looks up to the sky with his hands raised to heaven like Charlton Heston and cried out "I'm sorry Jesus"!!!


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