Sunday, December 10, 2006

Modern Art is a Load of Crap literally

Whenever I see (most) modern art, its seems obvious that "the end is nigh" for humankind. When we hold in esteem, the most vulgar and crassest forms of self-expression, in our venues of high culture, what does it say about Society?

I think by any common artistic standard from any point in human history, will render a severe disapproval of this kind of nonsense.

In the Tate Gallery, they paid more money for a tin load of crap than they would have if the same tins were filled with pure gold. Meanwhile, the Aussies are also catching up: See below.

This is for as usual a tax payer funded arts program in Australia. Don't read this with a full stomach.

AN ART show featuring a bra containing a vial of human liposuction fat is being funded by ratepayers.

A video animation depicting a woman with a man’s face, perpetually gratifying herself, is among other controversial artworks in Gendertopia—Teknikunst 06.

The nine-day show, which opened on Friday night, is funded with $12,000 from Melbourne Council, which claims it helps make the city “stimulating and fulfilling”. The key artwork, IncuBra, was created by two artists with more than $7000 of West Australian taxpayers’ money.

It consists of a corset fitted with thermostatic controls to preserve a vial of human fat extracted during a liposuction in 2004. The bra also has speakers that play poetry.

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