Sunday, December 03, 2006

Singing at the Island Country Club

I just came back from singing at the Island Country Club. It was organized by my neighbor (or rather one of her students). Nothing fancy- just choir work. Unfortunately, we had to go there several hours before the event started. I also had to wearing a business pants and tie for the event- ain't fun in this tropical climate. Thankfully, there was an aircon room to take refuge in otherwise I'd be sticky and sweaty by the time the event started.

I really don't know why people wear coats and ties in this tropical country. Course, it looks cool but it makes as much sense as someone wearing speedos in the Arctic.

Its a status thing- wearing a European or Italian cut suit - here in Singapore. You can only wear if you are constantly in an air-conditioned environment. Either that or you're in a very unfortunate job - in which case you have my sincerest pity.

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