Saturday, December 09, 2006


Oh my goodness, Melbourne's got the haze!!! And its not even from Indonesia- its in their own backyard. The smoke from countryside fires has even shrouded Melbourne City hundreds of miles away, causing smoke detectors and fire alarm systems to go off even in city apartments.

Check out the photo. Ominous huh?

Read the story here.

I wish the Federal+Stategovts and different political parties of Australia would get together and build a 100 year plan to create a water system that would channel water from areas that get a lot of rainfall - like the Northern Territory - to the areas where water is scarce. The cost would be tremendous- but hey, Australia is surrounded by nations where the people would be willing and happy to work for (relatively low) wages.

I'd say its a win-win situation. People get to work. Australia gets a badly needed irrigation system. Australia produces more food and plants more trees.

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