Monday, December 04, 2006

Rapist promises not to reoffend so Aussie Jail lets him out

I just "love" the Australian legal system. You get real "funny" lines like this:

A serial rapist is being released from jail- that's a outcry from Victim and anti-crime groups but as far as the justice system is concerned:

Susan Bothmann from Wacol Prison's legal service said Fardon (the serial rapists) had assured her that he would not re-offend.

LOL. I can't believe that let such naive idiots run the prison system here. Officer Barbrady would do a better job. Click on the quote for the full article.

But this is some sad serious shit. The Australian justice system has a habit of letting the worse criminals go after a few years in jail and allowing them to reoffend and kill, rape, or bash an innocent person or child. Now , if he reoffends, I'd like to see the idiots who released him in the same jail cell.

The story gets worse, much worse. Read the story here if you have the stomach for it.

There is, of course, a "good argument" that he be released into the community because he had a terrible childhood. But knowing full well that he has caused so much harm, anguish and torment to innocent women and children, I just don't understand how the justice system can allow such a person loose into society, placing him into a unsuspecting community, suburb - whose people know nothing about his past and who may thus unknowingly place themselves and their loved ones in grave danger.

The justice system is suppose to protect the public from people like this- yet it cares more for criminals than for the people it serves. Meanwhile, politicians like the Premier of Victoria Steve Bracks- don't care or worse. Australian justice system is really f@#ked.

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