Monday, December 04, 2006

Something cool

Alright, I was going to talk about how Australia let in this African conman who proceeded to rape and rob women at bars around Oz- pretending to be a US Fighter Pilot. As usual the incompetent Aussie state police force in NSW, VIC, etc... couldn't catch him. By the time they pushed the dounuts off their desks to check their paperwork, he escaped back to Tanzania. But anyhow, why bother. Let's talk about something cool.

You know what cool is- cool is doing something great effortlessly. And that is why I just love the movie Royal Tenenbuams. Its about this misfit family beginning with- the father, "Royal", is a selfish bombastic arsehole of a lawyer who doesn't think twice about stealing from his kids, Etheline, the mother, is an urban archelogists who later attracts a string of bizarre suitors, and the kids well... screw this... this is getting boring. But Clive Owens plays an outstanding performance as "the nerdy kid next door" who succeeds to get into the famous family.

Read the reviews here- at

You get plenty of ironic, dead-pan humor, sometimes hilarious, sometimes just sweet and funny, and some of the best satires on New Yorkers...

On a sidenote, I found the peculiar painting on Eli Cash (Owen Wilson's) flat very funny for some reason.

Anyhow, if you have nothing better to do on a Sunday night. Go watch it. Borrow it on DVD or VHS.

Its one of the best movies made.

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