Saturday, December 09, 2006

School teaching

A random idea came in my head today, I think if I was a teacher and trying to teach kids on points of view or how to be more perceptive. This is what I'll do:

I'll divide half the class up. One half would read a story about a dog that bit a group of children savagely- badly injuring some kids... and focus on the kids' injuries, some of whom were killed or hospitalized. And have comments from the kids and their parents.

In the other half- they'd read a story about how a group of 17 year old "kids" beat up an old granny for small change to fund their drug habit, before her faithful scottish terrier dog bit back and drove them off.

Imagine the two groups trying to discuss the story. What chaos!!

For the conclusion, after the classroom discussion ends- we read the whole report and also learn that the teenagers got into their car and tried to run the dog over, missed, and hit a lamp post at 80km/h in a 50 km/h zone. They weren't wearing seat-beats.

At the very least, it might teach them to try and get both sides of the story.

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