Monday, December 11, 2006

Chiropracter Chinese Medicine

I'm seeing a Chinese Chiro. He's expensive (relatively). Each visit cost $70. And last for about 10 to 15 minutes. If there isn't someone else waiting, he'll spend a bit more time with you, odd.

His work also hurts like hell - the first few times. He lightly touches and rubs the body and it feels like he's using a blow torch. But once the treatment takes effect, the pain goes away (after the 3rd visit).

Quite a number of people go to see him too. I heard commendations from different parties. So its not as if he's a quek. :)

However, he's in a rundown area of Orchard Road- located on the 5th floor of Orchard Plaza, a dodgy joint. On every level, there are all these Men Karoke lounges and creepy looking massage palours. God knows why there's so much bloody construction when there are commercial blots like OP that can be renovated and redeveloped. Damn the constant construction. (Recently they chopped down several magnificient trees at Somerset Station- I hope its not to build another shopping mall. Good grief, how many do we fracking need here???)

Anyhow, if you have back problem or digestion issues, or any number of physical or mental ailments, go and see him:

He's Liu Ting Kai of Kai De Enterprises. 150 Orchard Road, #05-07 Orchard Plaza, S238841. Phone 6737-3821. 5th floor, best to take the lift.

Postscript - I'm afraid that Mr Liu's services have become somewhat... disinterested. He only seems to be only exerting a minimal amount of  effort and taking your cash - milking the cow so it appears.

I'm seeing a Western chiropracter now. Dr Andrew Ching. Arc of Life, Singapore. I found him to really good in helping my back problems.I'm finally getting some movement in my upper spine which had been as stiff as an ironing board.

In Melbourne, I'm also seeing an acupuncturist, Dr Wilson Lo. Power Medicine in Auburn Road, he's been very helpful too.

Despite the fact that I'm over 40, my health has really improved. I feel healthier than I have ever been. A lot of the problems that buggered me was I was in my 20s and 30s, like constipation, chronic bad problems, poor digestion has been healed. I don't take any medicines, nor supplement vitamins either.

Arc of Life Chiropractic Centre Pte LtdNo. 1 Scotts Road
#24-12/13 Shaw Centre
Singapore 228208

Tel:    (65) 6732 3323
Fax:   (65) 6732 3313

Arc of Life Chiropractic Pte Ltd (New! Just Opened!!!)460 Alexandra Road #02-17
PSA Buidling, Alexandra Retail Centre
Singapore 119963

Tel:    (65) 6273 7877
Fax:   (65) 6273 7977

My back problems have improved dramatically including my lower back problems. This is going to sound off-color - but I think it was because I made a special female friend in Singapore during my last trip and that helped my "chi" to flow smoothly.

I'm still seeing a Chinese accupressurist in Melbourne Australia. His name is Dr Wilson Wen Lo
Power Chinese Medicine
93 Auburn Road, Hawthorn Vic 3122
Phone: 98132895


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