Thursday, December 14, 2006

Democracy in Action

Ah, democracy in action. This week, the Federal and State govts of Australia got together to decide how to check the illicit use of the drug, "ice".

Check it out here

But let me summarize it for you:

"no agreement was reached, with the communique only calling for further examination of the problem. The issue will be discussed again at tomorrow's health ministers' meeting in Sydney."

Just f@@king great. A whole bunch of democratically elected salespeople just get together to hold yet another verbal masturbatory session. No doubt, the idiots from the Territories tried to outdo each other with the most rhetorical soliloquies.

Imagine it:

Federal Representative: "We have to increase our efforts in preventing the distribution of illicit drugs."

ACT Minister: "But what is an illicit drug? And can we stop it really. What is man that he can stop such blah... blah... Isn't reality just a construct of man's imagination? Maybe drugs are just part of our Sociological Imagination? (and she carries on her bullshit ranting... for another 87 minutes....) Lastly respect my female authority. I wield the spirit of Gaia and we have to do something about AIDS. And we need more funding."

NT minister: "I deeply concur! We need more funding. I need more whor...interns."

QLD Premier: "Yeah, we need funding for a Space Station."

Federal: "WTF, are you on about? We're talking about curbing illicit drug use! Damnit!!!"

SA Premier: "Space, man... we need space. If we built a space station they will come. And the Aliens will offer our young a New Hope!"

Federal: "What the hell have you all been smoking???"

Tasmania Premier: "Chill out bro... smoking weed is not half as bad as drinking alcohol.... Hey try some, Taz haz d b3z hashz."

Vic and NSW Premiers: "Its all the fault of the Federal Govt. If we legalized drug use, we wouldn't have a problem. Ergo, its the fault of the Feds!"

WA Premier: "Dudes... I'm totally tripping... we ought to have another committee meeting yeah? Someone call my chauffeur."

Federal: "F#!k me."

Then they meet afterwards in elegant restaurants, and over the several rounds of the most expensive wines, agree to meet again in another tax payer funded talkfest session to discuss and elaborate on the issues at hand.

Total bullshit.

Frankly, I'd say that virtually all of the State govts +local councils in Australia do jackshit except waste tax-payers dollars. Look at their councils and you'll find the most pathetic group of nitwits. They wouldn't have the brains to run a small business successfully. And yet, they put them in charge of the state.

Well, in the end, nothing or very little gets done. More youth get addicted to drugs. More drug pushers get richer. And ordinary hard working citizens have to be taxed more harshly to pay for the mess.

And meanwhile we have the premier of one Queensland saying its cool for hip young wealthy popular entertainers to break the law - no big deal to him. Pity the poor busker who takes a smoke and gets fined by the QLD police.

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