Saturday, December 02, 2006


Had to do some banking and shopping today - it was all in the same area, so I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone. Since I got back to Singapore... I found my home here in a little disarray, some of my stuff is missing. But no biggie, its nothing I can't replace easily. I was missing some pillow cases so I stopped off at Takashimaya, a dept store in Orchard Road.

Hee hee ended up getting a whole set! Doesn't the design look cool? That white on red design looks divine. There's nothing better than sleeping on good cotton sheets. Considering we spend a large part of our day sleeping- why not sleep on something decent yeah?

I also got a Billabong surf pants- something comfortable to wear around the house.

Hrmmph, God has a funny sense of humor. After I purchased the pillow cases and bed sheets, my mom calls me on my mobile from Melbourne, Australia. Apparently she can't find "the missing blue pillow cases". This draws a total blank from me; I've never seen them before. But small things seem to matter to her. And I had to endure her expensive long distance rantings. One of her friends has gone to Melbourne and mum was putting in a great deal of effort to make the place look perfect. So obviously having mismatched pillow cases has absolutely ruined her day. She got pretty furious. But ah, well, what could I do? Flying over to Melbourne to help search for several $10 pillow cases was a tad extreme.

It took me a little while to get over the conversation though. Standing in the rain somehow helped :)

Someone saw me getting wet - I must have looked damn pathetic (LoL) and kindly told me to go inside the Gym which was next door. Coincidentally, it was "California" - which I'm a member of. I thought of going inside to get a towel but I didn't bring my membership card. Drat.

California @ Orchard is a decent city gym. It usually got a healthy number of people inside. Of course during the peak hours 5 - 8, its usually packed out. But I like it. Its a good exercising environment. The people who work out there are fairly motivated and look the part. I've been in other gyms where its filled with middle executives and old folks- panting away at the trend mills- almost ready to walk into a nursing home. I'm sure there are people in their 50s - 60s who are super fit and all. But they are few and far between.

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