Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Prisoner

Warm, sticky, humid - that's what its like now in Singapore.

I had a bad bout of coughing today. And felt decidedly nauseous after lunch. The anti-biotics didn't seem to work. Maybe I need to up the ante and get a more powerful dose.

Feel totally out of wack. Its the first time I've been sick in awhile. Drank plenty of water and that special brew boiled from the dried fruit Lo-Hun-Kaw.

Don't think I'll be going to church tomorrow. Will just stay in bed and rest.

Not to mention, the horror story on the share market. The market (paper) losses weighed heavily on my mind today.

Usually at this sort of crappy moments, I have time to reflect and think. And you know what? I've been wasting a good part of my life away. Just sliding by, rather gleefully. I've been harboring one or two very bad habits that's just been sapping my life.

Even with the share trading - I've been cavalier about many aspects of it. I should have studied more charts, read more, ... just be more serious about it.

I'm a great procrastinator and love putting off a lot of important tasks. I just can't focus on what's important. Instead, I always seem to put it off and do something else. Killing Time. Building a prison with bricks of apathy, cynicism and laziness.

So I'm going to write down a few of more objectives down - like a NY Resolution - offer them to God in prayer and try and work it through.

Some of the stuff that I need to do:

1. Complete the tax recording of the share trading... which I loathe... anyone know of a good book keeper?

2. Learn a new language: maybe two... Chinese and French... because speaking French is always uber cool and it means doing something out of the ordinary.

3. When I get better - do more REGULAR physical exercises.

4. Stop wasting time and eliminate some of my dreadful habits.

5. Be more serious with the share trading. Read more of the damn theory books and study more charts for starters.

What's a dreadful habit? Its something you know deep down is wrong. You rationalize it. But you know it prevents you from fulfilling your potential.


Althea Wong said...

argh... hope you're better. just finish up your course of antibiotics and see how things go. if after 3 days of the last dose of antibiotics and mucus/phlegm is still coloured, go pay your doc another visit. take loads of vit c and drink loads of water.

Yauming YMC said...

Thanks. I finished the antibios - feeling better - but still more coughing a bit. Will be seeing the doctor later.