Friday, August 03, 2007

knocked out

I went to a doctor and got prescribed a veritible cocktail of drugs to take, of which only one applies directly to my bronchitis infection.







In bed now... trying to get more vitamin z. zzzzzzz...... Had a massive panic attack at midday when it really hit me how badly my portfolio is down by.

The problem is that if the market keeps going down- I'm going to be totally screwed.

Should have sold on the Monday whatever I had instead of adding to my positions throughout the week. Classic Share Trading Mistake No. 1.

If I can clear all my positions without suffering serious loss, I am going to be one happy man. Shouldn't have traded at all this week whilst I was under the effects of the sickness and medication.

The cough mixture says so explicity - "Don't operate heavy machinery whilst taking the mixture."

And if you shouldn't be operating heavy machinery or farm equipment - you certainly shouldn't be on the stockmarket buying stuff with serious money.

Gak, I feel like a total moron. This could be the worse month of my life.

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