Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Canberra students discover way to save young men's lives

Talk about positive reinforcement, lol. Canberra students "discover" the oldest trick since Eve posed with the forbidden fruit and asked Adam "Want a piece of me???"

University of Canberra students have "found" one great way to get young men 18 -25 to eat their vegetables and fruits - with advertisements of attractive clothing-deficient young women posing with said vegetables. (Thus, helping them prevent bowel cancer etc..)

In other words- sex sells. Duh...

But kinky, yah?? Posing babes with vegs... that's gross if you ask me.

I don't think I'd be any keener eating a banana, tomato  or celery after seeing an ad with... well you know. :)

Then again, its probably a sure fire winner with (Japanese men and) Canberra men.

Check out the news article here:

Personally, I'd get the young men to attend a lecture of a couple of old geezers who have hemorrhoids problems - with picture slides. The horror of that talk would surely set them right. Same goes for car hoons- I'd strap them wide eyed in a room and force them to watch video footage of fire fighters and medics rescuing car accident victims- and surgery operations - including the physio sessions.