Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Lying in bed with a horrendous cough. And the market has just fallen ... off the table.

Looks like I made a serious mistake in buying the stocks the last two days. Should have acted prudently. But this cough has just screwed up my thinking. I didn't act on my stop losses and I behaved recklessly. It looks pretty bad now. Its now a general market rout.

If I exit from my positions now- I'll be facing a seriously major hit.

I have M over at my place at the moment, not an experienced trader at all, a real joke, and the person has just been saying hold on, hold on. (Which is not the best thing to do - I didn't have stop losses in place - and I'm just not in the right frame of mind to share trade.)

I'm not feeling well. This cough and fever is taking its toll on me- and at just the worse possible time. It think the cough medicine is also impairing my judgment. I'm really not thinking clearly at all.

And of course the market is just moving too quickly. This looks very bad.


adelyn kwan said...

Think there's a bug going around.. I've got a little sore throat and flu. get well soon!

Yauming YMC said...

Thanks. I'm going for a walk now before I do something terribly silly. I just feel very dumb - I've been playing a very tight careful game the whole year and missing out on the huge run ups. And at just the possible worse moment, I'm caught like a bunny in the middle of a highway with five semi-trailers with big headlights running straight for him. Gotta breathe.

Althea Wong said...

argh... take good care of yourself!

adelyn kwan said...

small world.. i read ickle and olimomok so i read some of yours as well! :)