Saturday, August 04, 2007

Padeophille Keeps Dungeon - and goes scot free

I'm really not sure why, but when you find a padeophille, convicted multiple times, who has a soundproof dungeon in his backyard, surely there has to be some law they can use to throw the @#$ into jail.

Instead, they want to monitor him ... in between putting on the siren and rushing to buy more Krispy Kream dounuts.


FFS, throw him in jail already.

Read the crap here:

Unfortunately, in Western Societies, the criminals seem to get the benefit of the doubt, not the police. A police was shot and killed but his murderers get away with a manslaughter conviction. Hanging is too good for them.

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Jason Mullinder said...

Know what I'd want to do if I found a paedophile with a soundproof dungeon, but it seems our legal system would rather have kid rapers then vigilantes. For some reason police aren't too concerned about me though even with my opinions on record and weapons convictions so a few may turn a blind eye if they can.
Its a matter of getting through the system I guess, pray etc and do what we can to bring needed change.