Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Day Reality Hit Home

A liberal mind person finds his previous views on life, race, politics, crime may need serious revision.

One thing I find it amazing that the generation who came of age during the 1960s 1970s- yeah, the hippies- wanted to change their parent's world- ended up despising its structure and beliefs, then destroying it. Now they've come to realize the folly of their ways.

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In my time, I've come to meet people who they hate their parents and their own culture- and so they embrace atheism or neo-Paganism and seek alternative forms of lifestyle. And for some bizarre reason, they also hate America- whilst at the same breath - condoning the sins of Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao etc.. They try so hard to be anti-establishment that they go down a path of destruction - embracing unhealthy lifestyles, drugs, and just go down a downward spiral.

Isn't it strange- when you hate your enemy and fight against him- the more you end up like that person or institution.

When the French revolted against their King and toppled him - it was Liberty, Equality, and Friendship. They stormed the Bastille, where the monarchy kept its political prisoners- and found a few mad men. Then the Revolutionary committee started killing its enemies - the aristocrats and their families, the King and his entire family, then  the revolutionaries' political enemies - and then the people they quarrelled with - and then virtually anyone who was suspect. Eventually, the French people got a leader - Napoleon Bonaparte - who crowned himself Emperor of France - to this day the French nation reveres him - and he's not even a Frenchman.

Ironic eh? They fought to eliminate injustice but in the end they replaced it with something worse.

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