Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Getting out of jail then back again

Yesterday seemed to be the accumulation of errors.

The shares rose - we were just a few points to breakeven even profit. Ferro at $1.95 - Midas at $1.30.

Then WTF - mum asks me to go get her an early lunch- and I complacently agreed to.

After I left, the price rise fell apart - the broker called me - but didn't give enough info.

When I got back- instead of studying the charts- I went to sleep.

When the market reopened- I hoped that things would improve

I paid to see the river card. When things didn't - I felt strongly obliged to sell. The whole market was falling apart. And I didn't want to see what the DOW would do later at night.

For all I know it would close 100 - 300 points down - and then I'm fucked.

Fuck. I failed to follow the 2% rule - and just ran on hope - now I'm so screwed.

I sold the stocks at the support line - and now since the DOW didn't close badly- they've all come up.

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