Thursday, August 16, 2007


Sorry for not blogging. But this week had been a rough ride for me.

Holy fracking cow. The markets really taking a pounding today.

Its just a powerful downward trend. There's no telling when it will end. Maybe this is the bottom - but its hard to say at the moment.

The Index is practically down 5%. Thats about 15% from the high set about three weeks ago. August is going to be remembered as the Black Month.

I've include this chart of the Sti with the 3 moving averages. If the red line is below the other two lines in a straight vertical ascent - that's good. You can buy in because the market is positive.

The mirror opposite means differently - if the red line is above the two other lines  - stay away.

The trend if your friend. Its extremely hard to time the market- maybe even foolish. So stay with the trend - keep your losses small - I think that's the best plan.

It reallys hard to say for certain whats going to happen next. The selling pressure is very strong. And panic has set in.

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