Friday, August 03, 2007


Genre: Action & Adventure
Frank Miller's 300. Great film - plenty of stuff to appeal to the lads and lasses.

If you've seen Frank Miller's Sin City - its pretty much the same style. Don't expect too much realism. In fact, the director himself said that the fighting styles bear very little resemblance to how the Spartans actually fought.

There is the brief mention of Spartan fighting strategy using groups of trained, highly disciplined, heavily armored spearmen who fought in a tightly packed group called the phalanx. However, in much of the battle, the actors fought Matrix style as individuals - which made total nonsense but looked "cool".

Anyhow turn off your thinking cap and go watch it. Its very black and white literally.

On the right, are the Spartans- led by the handsome and virile Butler, fighting for democracy and freedom. On the other are the Persians led
Forget about the Sauron's Lord of the Ring's who show up on the Persian side.

Lastly, like all epic war movies - Band of Brothers, Last of the Mohicans, Lord of the Rings, Troy, Zulu, Bridge too Far, Flags of our Fathers, Sands of Iwo Jima, Gladiator, etc.. you have to watch it on the big screen. Larger than life, its definitely not a movie that you want to watch (first time) on your laptop or worse one of those silly mini-avi players... unless you're an ant.

Failing that, you should try and watch it on a good 40+ inch Plasma or LCD TV Screen. It looks awfully good.

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