Wednesday, August 08, 2007

South Africa volunteer goes home disillusioned but intact

I read this terribly sad account of a volunteer who went to South Africa and came back home, terribly disillusioned. Yet, she's fortunate she got home at all without physical harm. The number of rapes and murders in SA has skyrocketed since the African National Congress took power. Good going Bono!!!

Many people, especially from the left, strongly supported the sanctions against South Africa in the 1980s - which led to African National Congress, a former terrorist organization, gaining control of government.

But returning South Africa back to the Africans has resulted in an unmitigated disaster for the nation. Crime is totally rampant. Rape, Murder and sheer utter brutality: pure evil resides in that land. The government is overrun by corruption. If the leaders lack integrity and common sense, the nation is doomed.

Virtually all of the African nations, gaining independence, have fallen to anarchy and violence. South Africa is no exception.

This is an excerpt:
... inner city houses were enveloped by layers of security: barbed wire fences, window bars, alarm systems and guard dogs. Many people carried firearms or other weapons. Carjackings, home break-ins, rape and other violence was commonplace.

This became all too real one morning when I arrived at my office to find someone I knew bloodied and bruised. She had been pack-raped in her home the night before, her boyfriend shot as he intervened.

Several friends were held up at knife point. I was chased more than once, but got away each time. There were attempts to break into my house most weeks and sometimes I would go to sleep with the sound of gunshots nearby. I lived, day to day, waiting for my number to come up.

I struggled with two overwhelming emotions: shame, for being better off than most, and fear, for my physical well-being.

The crunch point came five months after I arrived. Tiija, a fellow volunteer and friend, was thrown from the window of a moving train. She was close to death, but woke from a coma three months later ...

I returned home seven months early ... I was an altered person...
Read the links here if you want to. Its gets more depressing.

Honestly, the best thing now for South Africa and the rest of the African continent is to turn themselves over to Europe, or America and to get them to help manage the damned land.

Be honest: say "We screwed up. We don't know what the hell we are doing. Please take us back!!!" (Actually, the African leaders damn well know what they are doing - making themselves rich and powerful at the expense of others.)

Rule and order has to be re-established. An independent and uncorrupt police and judiciary has to be established - better to just borrow Europeans and Americans to do the job- with training schools established to teach the next generation of Africans to takeover.

But it won't happen. The people in charge won't relinquish power. So expect more of the same. Anarchy, Corruption, Crime, Chaos, Murder, Rape, and more pleas for aid from a people whose land is rich in resources.

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