Sunday, August 05, 2007

Fantastic photo of Cute Albino Crab

I love this photo!!! The only problem is I don't know who took it. Its one of my contacts I'm sure but I can't remember which.

You see amazing stuff when you scuba dive.

I don't have the energy to write something cute about the crab so read this poem written by a kid from the US, its pretty good.

Another World

Another world
New facts to be unfurled
Creatures live under
In a world of wonder
They can survive
Lower than we can dive
Eight tons of pressure
Almost too much to measure
Countless eyes darting
Stopping and starting
Speaking with one another
A shark eating his brother

The dark in the sea
Would cause children to flee
It’s like moonless night
Nothing in sight
A world we don’t know
That has everything to show
Another world
Around which our earth is curled

By Noam Finkelstein,
8th Grade, Dr. Browning's Class
Tenafly Middle School, Tenafly, New Jersey

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