Saturday, November 25, 2006

Young Men Behaving Badly

I was reading another useless article in "The Australian" (an aussie newspaper). And in it, the journalist quoted several academics who argued that the gang abuse of a young woman was caused by young men because they were "young men". In other words, boys will be boys.

In case you didn't hear, a group of high school boys from an ok school in Australia, lured a young girl before assaulting her, and then urinating on her- they captured it on film, made it into a DVD and sold copies on eBay. (The school was scheduled for somekind of an international accreditation).

Nowwhere did the academics mention anything about moral upbringing or the education that enabled the young men to stoop to such a low act.

In Australia, they take pride that they are an irreligious society- and that they have taken prayer and God out of the classroom. In return, they teach a humanistic message- you make the morals, you decide whats right and wrong.

Meanwhile, members of the community of Werribee reckon that its just as case of "boys being boys". (Yeah right, .sarcasm mode on. and the Germans were just being Germans when they invaded France in 1940 too. .sarcasm off)

In the olden days, they'd just whip the boys into submission- and to break their spirits. Whipping would cause strong men to break out and cry and weep and beg. Animals can be trained to do amazing things via this method. Why not humans who behave worse than animals?

Nowadays, if the police catch the young boys- the magistrate will send them for counselling by a South Park style head shrink. The psychiatrist will pull out some politically correct answer: ie. This behavior stems from an inherent fault in the Patriarchal Society or some other nonesense.

For God sake, the boys kidnapped, abused and peed on a girl- and even recorded it on DVD, selling it on eBay. What kind of sick pervert will do that? Catch the sickos, put them in jail, perhaps the inmates there will teach them some lesson their PC teachers forgot.

When I was 18, 19, 20, I had to do National Service, the first six months or so was really physically tough, we'd wake up early, do exercises, training, my insominia was cured instantly- serious! We were so dog tired that we fell asleep at any available moment. But they trained us to respect authority, rank, and discipline. I've since mellowed a fair bit from that... :) But I still appreciate hard discipline and physical training. It does get results. But please let me off... on Saturday and Sunday!!! :)

If they reckon that all males are going to such bastards- they should restart National Service. But knowing how things work in Australia, the conscripts will probably spend most of their time smoking ganja during multicultural class.

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