Thursday, November 16, 2006

Johor Malaysia seafood

Mum asked me to join her for a dinner trip to Johor, Malaysia to eat seafood. I had a bad feeling about it, but I thought for the sake of courtousy, I'd go and keep her company.

We drove over at 5pm- got horrendously stuck in the rush hour traffic - a bit like the Southeastern but of course much worse. It was total chaos.

The Johor seafood restaurant is actally located in front of the big Singapore Sembawang naval base- across the sea channel (that seperates Malaysia and Singapore). Amazing, over there, there's a hive of activity, bright lights, massive tankers and ships. Over on Malaysia's side, its just dirt roads, a few estates, and several restaurants.

Mum ordered live prawns- we ate them live, raw asian mussels, shark's head, big yellow sea snails... cooked and raw, and crabs (they cooked that), asian mussels on ice, raw.

I ate a bit then my stomach started to turn. I settled for fried rice.

Mum was laughing her head off at me for being such a pussy. And kept on dumping bits of the raw food on my plate... "Eat, eat, hahahahaha!!!"

Its over 8 hours since I've eaten the stuff- but I feel like they are still trying to crawl out of my stomach.

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