Monday, November 27, 2006

Lifetime Free Supply of The Age - Melbourne newspaper

I really hate reading The Age- its just a diatribe of left-wing crazy thought.

Let me summarize all their articles for you. That's right -"ALL". No need to buy any more AGE newspapers from now on.

Labor is good. Green is better. The Liberals (the conservative party) are evil.

America is evil. Anything American does is evil, especially Republicans who are evil, stupid, all powerful, extremely cunning, yet dreadfully incompetent.

Cuba, North Korea, Africa, the Middle Eastern states and all third world nations are good. America and Australia are evil and corrupt. Got that??

Men are bad. But Gay men are good. Women are Good. Lesbian women are better.

Men who leave their children are evil. Women who leave their children are heroic feminists, struggling against the injustice and confines of the patriarchal culture and society.

Tree-logging to make paper is evil. (which is why The Age is printed on????)

Birth-control is good. Abortion is better.


Thats about it. No need to buy The Age anymore. Hopefully, it will close up shop and thus, Save A Forest.

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