Thursday, November 02, 2006

Back in Singapore.....!!!!!!

When I first got the bad news... my heart simply sank.

I should have come over the instant I suspected something was going wrong.

Anyhow you can't cry over split milk. And I definately couldn't stay in Melbourne mopping around. So I took the next plane ride back to Singapore. Everything went smooth like silk. Even getting the pr visa was dead easy. I just walked into the office. Normally I wld have been there for 5 hours. But it took just 5 minutes. I didn't even get a "chance" a sit and wait. They called my number almost straight away. Hardly anyone was at there at the visa office.

Thankfully, one of my stocks went from zero to a dollar - so I was able to sell that - and the proceeds should be able to pay for all my aussie bills... rates/phone/water bill... for a long time.

I was practically gnashing my teeth all the way back on the flight.

Flew back in at 5am. Had a good chat with my cabbie. Good to feel the land.

Setup my old Singtel ADSL connection. Cool. The line still worked.

Got off to see the bankers. Bad... Bad... Good.

One thing I got to say about Standard Chartered Bankers. They are gorgeous but boy do they have bad manners and service. Well, maybe its just my bad experience. I had a good SC banker ages ago. But he got transferred elsewhere.

My UOB bankers were very helpful and friendly. That's good. And that should be the way. If all bankers were horrid, everyone wld just put their money under their pillow.

Along the way, I got my Singapore mobile phone number from Singtel. Starhub would be more convenient... but their connections are not so good. - which defeats the purpose of having a mobile phone. Imagine calling for an ambulance and getting a bad connection.

Anyhow good stuff. Got things done. Saw a lot of my friends. Surprised everyone by my sudden appeareance.

Now to get some clothes, a good carry bag... one for sports - one for work.

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