Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Frisbee and Party at the Oriental Hotel

My delightful neighbor Steven Chai, one of the anchormen of Channel News Asia, hosted a party at the Oriental Hotel for his friends and the frisbee group. It was cool, gave a chance for many of the girls to wear their glamourous gowns. But I miss Carol. I looked around but all I could think about was her.

Nonetheless it was a pleasant party, I had drinks with my old friend Seng Po. Mingled a little. I didn't make an attempt to talk much. The loud music at these events throws my chi off.

For photos of the event click here - Party at the Axis Lounge, Oriental Hotel.

We are still playing Ultimate Frisbee at the grassy field next to the Brewerks bar in the Clarke Quay area at 5pm on Sunday. Its a bit like soccer- but we play it with a frisbee. Girls and guys are welcome. There is a fair bit of running though.

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