Friday, November 24, 2006

Its a glorious day

I was dreaming about skiing at Australia. See photo of Perisher Blue.

Then arghh... then I heard the drilling sound from the construction going on - down the street.

I'm living in the Singapore CBD area- every bit of land is precious here. So there are constant development and re-developments. Buildings are torn down and built up again.

They recently tore down this concrete multi-level apartment block from my place. First they placed a small mech on top of it - and it slowly worked its way down, smashing each floor bit by bit and throwing the material to the ground. The plan to build a bigger development over it.

There was another apartment block 10 minutes drive from my place which is being torn down- its over 20 storeys high. Yet, somehow the developments plan to destroy it and build another bigger complex over it.

Its amazing.

But not half as amazing as a glorious sunset. Australian's sunsets are awesome.

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