Wednesday, November 29, 2006

UN - United Nations or United Nutcases

Hmmm... what do you get when you band together the world's leaders together? Considering that 90% of the world is ruled by crackpot dictators, dominated by ethnic divisions and hatreds- you get a roomful of nutcases.

And so whilst Secretary General of the UN, Kofi Annan, shows off his oratoric skils with lines like:

it was important that the council address specific human rights situations and "avoid any innovation that would erode or undermine the independence" of the so-called special rapporteurs or the UN high commissioner for human rights.

200,000 people get killed by the Sudanese Govt's militia. In another age, the US, Britain, would be supplying weapons to the victims to arm themselves against tyranny.

Today, we rely on diplomatic talk and discussions- and place our hope in princes who cannot save.

Meanwhile the enemy of the free laugh and rejoice. Evil triumphs when the good do nothing (or just talk).

You can read Kofi's talk here- but its awfully boring. You can see that nothing will get done until the Sudanese govt massacres its opposition. Then the UN will go in, prevent the opposition from getting weapons, then after awhile it will pull out- declaring PEACE IN OUR TIME- and then the Sudanese militia groups will kill the rest of their opponents who are unarmed.

Its been going on for awhile already. Collin Powell took a visit there in 2004. 30,000 people were killed by the Sudan govt then. The figure has gone to 200,000 now.

But frankly, with the Arab states sponsering the Sudan Govt with liberal supplies of cash and funding and weapons, wtf can the rest do?

Idiots like Bono will probably insist we increase aid to the region- and send the money straight to the Sudanese Govt and its corrupt murderous officials. They'll be laughing all their way to the bank but not before purchasing more weapons and ammo from China to kill their opponents.

I'll close with this quote from a freedom fighter:

"Give us ammunition and weapons so that we can die like men and not animals."

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