Monday, November 13, 2006

Men are from Mars... Women are from Venus

Men and Women are different??? Strangely however, in the academic world, or in feminist circles- that's pure rubbish.

According to the politically correct world of academia and feminist lobby groups, men and women are identical- and any attempt to suggest any differences is anathema. All differences are socially conditioned and only designed to maintain the patriarchical world order!!!.. hummmmm.....

Good lord, I really can't believe I sat still during all those sociology classes.

However, it seems in the common culture, people are taking off their blinkers and saying what their grandparents have been saying all this while: "Yes you idiot, men and women are different. That's why girls like to play with dolls, boys like to play with balls, women love to talk, men like to sports... they are just naturally inclined to such matters."

Meanwhile read this marvellous article in The Australian

Here's an excerpt:

ONLY a girl could write The Female Brain and walk away with life and reputation intact. This new book may be contentious, but in fact modern science is merely playing catch-up with what we know intuitively. Girls are different from boys.

Mind-blowing news, huh?

But here's the really brave bit: the unisex brain is a feminist fabrication. Louann Brizendine, an American neuro-psychiatrist, has written a book debunking stubborn notions that girls are different only because society makes them so. It's much more to do with the brain, she says. The female brain, to be more precise.

Here's a snap brain quiz. Which sex uses, on average, about 20,000 words a day, in contrast to the 7000 uttered by the other sex? Who has two-and-a-half times the amount of brain space devoted to sexual drive, meaning they think about sex, on average, every 52 seconds? When their feelings are hurt by someone they love, which sex reacts by assuming the relationship is over? Who has larger sections of the brain for action and aggression? If you answered, in order, women, men, women, men, you've been watching too many Woody Allen movies. Now, science is confirming that Woody was right all along.

While more than 99 per cent of male and female genetic coding is the same, it's the less than 1 per cent of difference that packs a punch in marking out women from men. Drawing upon advances in gene technology and brain-imaging techniques that have revolutionised neuro-scientific research, Brizendine presents a heady cocktail of structural, chemical, genetic, hormonal and functional differences between women and men.

These biological differences explain the most basic female behaviour. For instance, why do teenage girls endlessly talk? Science...