Friday, November 17, 2006

Casino Royale Review - no spoilers

Just watched Casino Royale- based on the 1st James Bond book. I was fortunate to
get tickets for the premiere (here in Singapore).

Its pretty good- I'd say there is an emphasis on realism...
comparatively speaking. The previous JB films were pure fantasy, almost
parody. You know- shooting at a moving car using a massive solar beam mounted in a satellite in outer space.

Except for one or two silly plot holes, which initially is not so
apparent, this new film held up pretty well. Watch out for the vague
reference to the Ong-Bak film at the start of the show.

I thought the start was a little too laid back, old school. Hopefully they'll up the martial arts fighting skills of 007 in the next film.

The new Bond is more of a throwback to the young Sean Connery, suave,
charming, deadly with a hint of brutality and menace. He's pretty much an arrogant arsehole but he's cool enough to make you overlook that face.

On the other hand, the previous Bond character was too fake and artificial. And as mentioned before- his movie plots were ludicrous.

This one takes it cue from the Bourne Supremacy rather than (the appalling) Phantom Menace. Less on special effects- more on style and plot.

Its cool. Watch it. And, men, somehow you'll end up being a little bit more
motivated to go to the gym. :)

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