Saturday, November 25, 2006

Parker Brother's Monopoly Idea

Just had an idea for Parker's Brother Monopoly- just a variation in the rules.

In the normal rules of Monopoly, the player gets the chance to purchase a property if he lands on it - after he rolls the dice. However the game becomes a bit of a grind once some lucky player acquires prime real estate and builds hotels on it etc.. Worse if he is fortunate to acquire a whole stretch.

In my variation on the rules, the player who lands on the property- does not get the absolute right to purchase it- instead he just gets the first right to bid for it.

If no other player bids for it, then he wins the auction and get the property.

However, if other players contest for it- then it becomes interesting.

Auction tactics can be employed and business strategies placed. You may choose to bid for a property just to force the price up- making it more costly for your opponent.

The "Bank" can also issue you cash based on your existing cash reserves. So if you have $10,000. You can borrow $5,000 from the bank etc.. but you have to pay a ten per cent interest each time you pass "Go."

Opponents can also swap or sell properties to each other. So weaker players can collude against a stronger opponent. I think current competition rules allow that already.

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