Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Crime in Australia

Recently I read in an Australian Newspaper that a man who bashed to death a 5 month old baby boy got 5 years in jail.

This sort of thing happens with sickening regular occurrence.

A while ago, Victoria took in a criminal and placed him in a neighbourhood where no one knew his past. He raped and murdered two young women who were living next door. The initial response by the Labor Premier was to defend the justice system and like Officer Barbrady tell us all to look away, nothing to see here. Shit Happens.

Yeah, Shit happens. But that doesn't mean you just poop in your kitchen, in your neighbor's garden - there's the toilet bowl for Gad's sake.

If you are like me- and feel that such criminals ought to be punished, write a letter - and mail it to Steve Bracks, The Labor Premier of Victoria. Better yet, get your friends to also write letters and swamp his office.

Steve Bracks
Office of the Premier
1 Treasury Place
Australia 3000

Or to his home office at
Steve Bracks, Member for Williamstown
101 Douglas Parade, Williamstown 3016

Or send an email to or email him directly at

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