Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Best Gift in the world

I woke up early this morning - Again. One of my dismal friends opinionated that is because I'm getting old and not needing sleep. I don't think so - esp when I wake up with a massive hard on :) And I'm dreaming she's in bed with me now - making fierce love. Hungry for each other - we are both insatiable in our desires. I grip her tightly - our bodies locked as if our spirits are desperately trying to blend our physical into one. We kiss strongly passionately. And I feel myself enter her soul and she into mine.

I thought of WSJ again. I really shouldn't. I've been trying to forget about her. But her absence has left a hole in my heart. Sorry for the cliche but its true.

The longest wait is when your lover does not reply.

One or two indiscreet statements and it fell apart so easily. To be honest we didn't know each other very long. And our encounter was far from the usual. But we shared a connection - she said as much. Nonetheless she also said she didn't feel as strongly for me. I couldn't help it. She touched me.

I wish right now that she was lying on my chest and I had my right arm around her, protecting, reassuring, gently caressing her face, her breasts. She gives me her trust and that would be the best gift in the world.

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