Friday, September 20, 2013

Lavender Ear Grey Tea

I have the fortune of having lavender plants in my garden here in Melbourne.

Lately I've been using the flowers in my tea - and its remarkably delightful to drink.

First I boil the water - then once its boiled I add in a spoonful of T2 Earl Grey Tea (loose leaf).

(I might have used Twinnings Earl Grey but for some reason Twinnings have ruined their product and the bag versions taste like charcoal)

Keep the water on boil for about 1 minute then let the tea sit in the pot to infuse it.

Pour and strain the hot tea into the tea pot. Place the lavender flowers into it prior. I don't like to boil the flowers.

Depending on your preference, put as many as you like. For my example - I put in a handful of fresh cut lavender flowers. (Sorry no photo of the flowers because they were wet from the rain).

Give it a good stir then pour to drink.

I don't add any sugar or sweetener. I do add some milk. If you don't like milk, I suggest you use less tea leaf to make it less bitter.

The fresh Black light tea version has an eye opening character all of its own.

I also collect vintage porcelain sets. This one from Japan is over 70 years old and dates to the 1930s.

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