Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Discover Iran - Mandy Tay

Mandy Tay - a Singaporean girl - takes a tour of Iran by herself and gets a lovely adventure.

It looks great!!!  I love the beautiful mosaic mosques.

But. I wouldn't advice any woman to travel to the Middle East alone as their misogynistic culture basically assumes that any women or women traveling without a male husband/father companion is automatically "a free meal", "a piece of meat", "slut/whore", etc.. All my female friends who travel there get harassed by total strangers/ Arab men for sex.

Look its the truth. That's their culture. Women there are regarded as chattel - men's property. In their culture, if you belong to a man, esp. a strong man who can protect you, you are safe. But if you do not - you are essentially free game for all the inbred morons there who at the sight of a lone female get horny.

However maybe its different in Iran. They are Persians. Maybe their culture is different? But during the Islamic Revolution - all sorts of brutal stories emerged.

Anyway. I need to go out and travel more. Iran is definitely on my to-do-list.

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