Saturday, September 28, 2013

Shaved public hair vs natural look

Saturday: I'm stuck at home now instead of being at St Andrews Market up at Panton Hill. Its dreadfully windy - and it can get a bit hairy driving up there. :) Unfortunately as each quarter progresses, it ain't looking much better.

Anyhow, I was reading some article on the internet written by a female writer unhappy that guys prefer the shaven look - ie. a hairless vagina area or at the very least a well manicured look which she associates with an MCP brainwashed by the pornography plague - oh my.

This topic seems to be cropping up from time to time. :D So let's talk about it.

I'm baffled with the argument equating feminism with an "au natural" look. Its mystifying how the feminist movement is taken over by retro Victorian Society style matronly prudes. Its almost as if they want to make sex as un-fun as possible or worse to make women just as unkempt as some men. I've seen some extreme feminists wearing men's clothes, eschewing any form of makeup and basically trying their best to look like men. I feel sympathy for them just like I do for men who deliberately go out of their way to look like women, ie wearing lipstick, mascara, huge earrings, etc.. Wow. What happened there?

I think we should be celebrating the differences between sexes instead of emasculating them. Our natural inclinations define us. What's wrong about that?

But I digress. OK. I think having a shaven pubic area is one's own personal prerogative. If you don't want to shave or trim your public hair - OK, cool. No one is also going to stop you from wearing whatever clothes you desire either.

Just don't demand that people like your choices. If you wanna shave or not shave its up to you. If you want to spend your day eating unhealthy food don't complain if you look fat and unhealthy and unappealing. Not a great comparison but you get the drift.

To turn it around a bit - I ask the ladies: if a woman feels grossed out with a man who refuses to shave and has a really long unkept beard do you think she is perfectly justified to refuse to even contemplate kissing him- is that so wrong?

I guess looking at this photo you can see why they had arranged marriages in the old days. lol.

Personally I like the close manicured or bare look for women - I love that clean bare look in the pubic areas - armpits and vagina. I find the style naturally harmonizes with a healthy and fit woman's streamlined body. It just looks so right.

I went out with a girl who I later discovered went for laser treatments to remove her pubic hair. I appreciated her effort :) She looked divine.

At the same time, I make sure I shave (my face haha) before my dates - sometimes I let my facial hair grow out a bit the day before so that when I use a proper razor to get a much closer shave. As for the other nether question you might like to ask - I refer you to my motto - "Do unto others what you want others to do for yourself." haha. Yes, I do keep it clean and tidy :)

I think personal grooming is extremely important. I would like my date to smell good, wear nice clothes, have clean breath. If she can be bothered to make the effort, I better darn well do the same if not more. I'd even go to the extent of watching the food I eat prior to the date - even going for a strict fruit diet if I really liked the girl. Ahhh... that sounds needy yeah? haha. But seriously, would you like to kiss someone who reeks of garlic and who has eaten asparagus?

A word of caution: Shaving your genitals regions does cause problems - ingrown hair for example - but at the very least a nice trim using an electric safety shaver surely is not too much to ask?

Having said all that- I realize that this sort of thing is often a fashion choice and often dictated by what's prevalent in that particular culture. Apparently for the some societies - like the Japanese - they choose not to shave and also eschew the wearing of braces. For all their desire for perfection, the Japanese prefer to see their women with fucked up crooked teeth and a hairy bush.

And strangely enough, for some men who came to age in the 1970s - they really prefer to see women in all their hairy glory. I laugh when they talk about the good old days. Which one?

The Photo is a 19th century nude painting - entitled Chloe. Its outstanding! I just love her stance, her proud pose - its a strong statement of her sexuality and beauty.

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