Monday, September 16, 2013

Date a Literary Girl

Date a literary girl.
And she will take you to places you've never been.
Make love to a girl who reads
A girl who says she loves your library more than you :)
Kiss her on the lips as she reads intently from some obscure foreign novel
That has fallen behind your bed.
Laugh as she brushes you aside and kisses you back absent mindedly.
Smile as she runs her slender fingers curiously down your bookshelves.
Feel her excitement as she finds a book you love
And then she asks to borrow it.
Because nothing is more delightful,
Nothing in the world could be more wonderful
Than a girl who loves my books.
YMC July 2013.

I wrote this back in June. I met a girl. Invited her over to my place eventually. She was vibrant. She was cool. She liked my books. And borrowed one on a diary of a woman living through the London Blitz - I gave her another one - a gilded decorated copperplate illustrated copy of the Rubaiyat. I wonder whether she still has it, or whether she has thrown them away? I hope she hasn't. I still think of her as a good person who loves books.

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