Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dolphin Hymn

I swim the deep blue
To depths no man has been
I am wild
I am free
You will not touch me

Yet you come with hook and net
To ensnare to kill
You would devour the entire sea for your next meal
You herd my brethen
You cage some.
You kill the others.

We who were once many
Are now so few
You who were once so few
Are now so many
One day you will kill us all
Even me
But not today

As I rise up to breathe
I break free
from the bounds of my watery world
I jump
Briefly I fly
I soar through the sky
I feel so alive.

       Yauming Chiam 2013  

(I took this photo of the dolphins at Niue. I swam out from the zodiac boat and the dolphins swam around me. It was a marvelous experience.)

I took some videos - they are on vimeo here
Dolphin Swim at Niue closeup from Yauming Ymc on Vimeo.

The Marlin swim from Yauming Ymc on Vimeo.

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