Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pastor Khong's fight against moral corruption

I'm disillusioned with the idea of organized religions. They are basically run by people who want to live a certain way of life and trying to impose their sets and beliefs onto others.

If someone wants to be celibate or to marry his first girlfriend for life - go to church every Sunday, listen to boring meaningless sermons, great good for him - just don't force me to behave the same way.

I think Pastor Khong ought to sit down and re-read the gospels again. He might wonder why when Jesus Christ was on earth he spent most of his time openly criticizing the pharisees.

Personally I think that whatever consenting adults do behind closed doors in their own time is none of society's or Pastor K's concern. Mind your own business.

Having said that I believe that a marriage between a man and a woman (or two consenting adults) should be for life. The couple should work hard at making the marriage work. There is more to marriages than just feeling and emotion.

I think if you establish a special bond and trust with the person that you love - surely you would want to honor and respect that person.

I have some friends who talk glibly about emotional connections as a childish infatuation or as something you can establish with a certain type or with anyone.

I'm not them. Sex and lust are very temporary things. However, love is much stronger.

I believe that if you bond and connect with a person - if you truly love that one person than you would want to be with that person. You would want to try and build that relationships up together (and if that works - grow old together.*)

OK, I'm a diehard romantic. I believe in love. :)

*(Yet  I think that as human adults we have to acknowledge that we are fallible, weak and sometimes extramarital flings or momentary distractions can happen.... I don't think they should be encouraged. But we all make mistakes - Jesus apparently said divorce was permitted in the case of infidelity. But I really wonder whether He actually said that at all considering his instruction to his disciples to forgive people who wronged them x777.)

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